Bernedoodle Parent Dogs

Best Bernedoodle Mom and Dad Dogs

Bernedoodle Parent Dogs

Below we’ve included a little bit of information and some photos for each of the Bernedoodle parent dogs in our Bernedoodle program.

Bella, the Beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog Mom

Bella is one of the girls we used as the foundation for our Bernedoodle program. Both of Bella’s parents were imported from Europe to be used in a top-notch Bernese program. Her dad is from Belgium with dozens of European champions in his bloodline, including world champions at Crufts Dog Show (a world-famous dog show in the United Kingdom).

Bella’s mom is also from wonderful bloodlines and comes from Romania. Bella would have been a show dog herself, were it not for the partial ringy (a broad white band that goes up one side of her neck). That one mark would cause her to lose some points in the show arena, and we were able to buy her from her excellent breeder.

The European Bernese are usually a little stockier and healthier than American Bernese. Bella is double-registered (AKC and European system). Passing hip-testing is mandatory for the European registry, so Bella comes from multiple generations of Bernese with great hips. Consequently, we were not surprised when she was old enough for her testing, that Bella passed her hip testing with flying colors.

Ginger, the 35 Pound Mini Bernedoodle Mom

Ginger is a pick of the litter pup, who comes from a red mini poodle sire, and Tracy–one of our gorgeous Bernese moms. Ginger is a red and white sable with a strong tri-color background (because of her mom). She’s a stocky 25 pounds and loves kids. We couldn’t bear to part with Ginger because she had such an amazing low key personality and is an absolute cuddle bug.

Ginger has the gentleness of a Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, or huge Bernese, wrapped up in a small stocky package. It’s hard to imagine a better family dog than Ginger. Assuming she passes all of her health tests, we plan to breed her a couple times with Triplett and would anticipate litters of tri-color, red/white, red sable, and black/white mini Bernedoodles (hopefully her puppies with Triplett will be about 30 lbs full grown).

Greta, the 28 Pound Mini Bernedoodle Mom

Greta, the black/white bi-colored mini Bernedoodle is a 28-pound beauty. She’s fun-loving and affectionate. Greta comes from a strong background of tri-colors and that’s why she’s able to throw tri-color pups (as well as some black/white oreo pups) when she breeds with Triplett, the mini tri-color sire.

Greta makes up for her smaller size with lots of heart. She was a pick of the litter pup and has added a lot to the mini Bernedoodle program. Her family loves her, and she’s great with their toddler, Daniel.

Kara, the 54 Pound Standard Poodle Mom

Kara is a gorgeous tri-color female poodle. She adores her family and is always by their side. She’s also excellent with their children.

Kara is very intelligent (typical of poodles) and was a breeze to train. Kara has been a fabulous mom for a litter of gorgeous tri-color Bernedoodles. She’s good friends with her “stud” Nova.

Misty, the 68 Pound Bernese Mountain Dog Mom

Misty is a gentle Bernese Mountain Dog. She’s not as large as Bella, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in heart. Misty loves to be loved on. She’s great with smaller animals and kids. She’s a great mom, and people that get one of Misty’s pups have come to expect a wonderful disposition. She has strong conformation to the Bernese Mountain Dog standard, but our favorite thing about Misty is her gentle spirit and lovable nature.

Molly, the 58 Pound BMD Mom

Molly, the 58-pound purebred Bernese Mountain Dog mom is a sweetheart. She has gorgeous markings, striking colors, and beautiful structure. Molly is definitely small compared to many Bernese Mountain Dogs. She’s a fabulous mom for our mini Bernedoodles. Molly has thrown some gorgeous tri-color puppies with sweet personalities like hers. Molly’s family love their sweet girl, and we’re so thankful that some other families get to enjoy their mini Bernedoodle pups from Molly.

Sally, the 78 Pound Bernese Mountain Dog Mom

Sally, is a gorgeous 78-pound Bernese Mountain Dog female who is a gentle soul. She loves children and enjoys nothing more than laying around with her family. Sally has thrown a beautiful litter of tri-color and bi-color pups when she is bred with the proper standard poodle male. Sally’s guardian home family enjoys playing with her, cuddling with her, and relaxing with her. We think many of Sally’s pups may end up being therapy dogs because of her calm demeanor. Like all of the Bernese Mountain Dogs in our program, Sally is a credit to her breed.

Star, the 39 Pound Bernese Mountain Dog Mom

It is very difficult to find a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog (Berner) of the quality of Star that will stay as small as she has. Some would call her a mini Berner because of her relatively small size (39 lbs). We love her gorgeous looks and incredible personality, and we can breed her to our medium size poodle Winston for gorgeous tri-color pups that typically stay in the 35-45 pound range full grown. Star is a beauty with a temperament to match. Her family loves Star’s devoted affection around the house.

Tracy, the Bernese Mountain Dog Mom

Tracy is a striking tri-color Bernese Mountain Dog. She weighs in right around 100 pounds. The pictures above were taken after her family had her groomed for the summer, so she looks a lot smaller. She has a nice blocky European build and good hips. She loves to be loved on. She’s a gentle and caring mother.

Indy, the Standard Poodle Dad

Indy is an apricot poodle with a phantom background. He was pick-of-the-litter (as are most all the dogs in our program). Indy’s parents had even personalities and terrific confirmation. Indy is a cuddler at heart.

Indy enjoys the water and is incredibly athletic. Through the years, Indy has been a terrific sire in the Crockett Doodles program. He’s thrown many gorgeous red and apricot Goldendoodles and some tri-color Aussiedoodles. Indy is a proven addition to our very strong Bernedoodle program.

Nova, the 92 Pound Bernese Mountain Dog Dad

Nova, is a gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog. He’s got a gorgeous, blocky build and is a perfect looking BMD.

The Stuhls refer to Nova as the gentle giant. He is laid back and never meets a stranger. Nova is quiet and affable. He loves to be loved and is a giant cuddler. He loves to lay around the house and is wonderful with children. When Nova is called upon for his stud services, he gets excited. He’s very much the gentle giant gentleman, even when he is with a female poodle. Nova has been an outstanding father for some top notch tri-color standard Bernedoodle pups.

Randy, the 12 Pound Mini Poodle Dad

Randy is as sweet as he is handsome. We are very careful when selecting toy and mini poodles to ensure they’re calm and gentle. If Bernedoodle breeders are not careful enough with their mini poodles, they can introduce negative traits into the Bernedoodles. Bernese Mountain Dogs are so laid back and calm, you would not want to breed with a poodle (toy, mini, or standard) who was not also calm and affectionate. Randy never meets a kid he doesn’t love. He is adored by his guardian home, and he is a very quiet dog. We basically never hear him bark at all–each of these traits make him a great stud for occasional litters of mini Bernedoodles. These pictures are of him with a short coat, when we let it grow out a little longer he looks like a tiny teddy bear. He’s small enough that some people would call him a toy poodle while others would place him at the bottom of the mini poodle spectrum. He’s been a wonderful dad for calm mini Bernedoodle litters.

Sherman, the Phantom Poodle Dad

We love Sherman, the phantom standard poodle. His personality matches his looks. Sherman is a purebred AKC poodle with strong champion lines. His dad is a phantom factored black/white gorgeous poodle from the famous Kit-Sue lines. Sherman’s mom is equally valuable. She’s a phantom from the well-known Phantoms of Black Star who specialize in therapy poodles as service dogs. Sherman has the laidback temperament of a service dog. Sherman’s breeder (from Texas) is a scientist with an earned PhD. She bred Sherman’s parents only one time because she wanted to continue the line.

She offered to sell Sherman to Dr. Nathan Crockett from Crockett Doodles because she knew of the consistent care that our dogs receive as pets. We were thrilled to have Sherman in the program, and he’s a wonderful pet for his family. For tri-color Bernedoodles with size and outstanding temperament, Sherman’s pups are hard to beat.

Triplett, the Mini Bernedoodle Dad

Triplett is a great natured mini Bernedoodle. He’s one of the studs we can use to throw mini Bernedoodles (when bred to one of our mini Bernedoodle moms); Triplett has faint tri-color markings and lots of white. He is adored by his guardian home, and they can’t say enough good about loving little Triplett. His personality is outstanding.

Watson, the 12 Pound Mini Poodle Dad

A natural choice for mini Bernedoodles, Watson is a sweet mini Poodle with a phantom background. Watson is exceptionally friendly and loves being with his family, the Johnsons. The Johnsons live at the Wilds Christian Camp in NC, and Watson gets plenty of opportunity to interact with new people nearly every week. He never meets a stranger and is a lovebug and cuddle bug. His pups are sweet and gorgeous.

Winston, the Sable Poodle Dad

Winston is a sable/phantom poodle. He has a fun personality and can be a bit of a goofball. He comes from great poodle lines and was worth every penny we paid for him. At 42 pounds, Winston thinks he’s a lap dog. It would be nearly impossible to find a better-tempered dog. He never meets a stranger and is a wonderful stud for our premium Bernese Mountain Dog females.

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